Wings for Rio +20 … Sustainability Proof

The sustainabiliy kids are asking questions to the spiritual leaders:
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, The Netherlands
Revd. Dr. Thabo Makgoba,Archbishop of Cape Town
Honorable Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi, Bhutan,
Sr Jayanti, United Kingdom,
Dadi Janki, India

How sustainable are you yourself?… asks Amina.

Spiritual leader Dadi Janki ( 96 years old) answers:

┬áMy life is very easy … no window-shopping … only one dress … white .. no restaurants and no cinema … no powder on the face … very easy living!


Wings for Rio +20 …. Wind-energy!

Angelic vibrations have lead to the right people at the right spot…. again!
Coming home last week after this wonderful quest in Italy, I was called by the organization of a Dutch conference Rio +20 at 23th May.
The top of businesspeople in the Netherlands will have a meeting with international spiritual leaders. Together they will share insights about a better world and bring these Wings for Rio +20 to Brazil next month.

The conference is about Sustainability, Green Economy, Compassionate Leadership… and what can Business do? Good question! Everybody on a quest … meet your inner Peace and Purity … I would suggest… ?

Well, says Muriel, who organizes this conference … they’re all very busy … thats the point … they have to lead the companies and make sure they have enough work, they don’t have time for a quest … Oooohhhh… I said…. So maybe I can inspire a little on this conference with photos … okay, this is fun and lets make myself useful! Continue reading