Transgender Angels II

This Sunday we had a reunion! Two years ago we made a photo for the book INSIDE OUT/ portraits from cross-gender children, in a butterfly garden with seven young kids. These young Dutch gender pioneers are between 7-13 years. Now we made Butterfly Tableau part II. The Dutch children and their parents looked very much forward to make this photo because we all know it’s so important to tell families all around the world the positive story about gender identities. International media tells mostly about suffering and struggle because journalism is about being critical.

As an artist, I think every story you tell with your photos has to give benefit to this world. It’s all about compassion and your cooperation with the people in your stories. Whats their story, and what do they want to tell the world? One of the parents wrote this beautiful poem straight from the heart:

This is my child
The fact that he feels like a she
Doesn’t change a thing about my child
But it changes my perspective about male/female
This is my daughter, she is actually a he
We don’t think it matters because she’s the child I gave birth to
And whom I will love till death and beyond
It doesn’t change her personality


The 36 Righteous

Before coming to the interview with the Roman policeman, I will explain more about why and when someone could be a human angel for this photo book.¬†One of my personal under-covers mentioned the mystical story about the 36 Righteous. It says…

At all times there are 36 special people in the world, and if even one of them was missing, this world would come to an end. Their role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind. These holy people are hidden, nobody knows who they are. Their identities are unknown. And they don’t know it themselves. They lead a humble life and take care of fellow human beings. The 36 Righteous are simply too humble to believe they’re one of these 36. Continue reading