Garden of Peace | Orange light

… Still here! And still sleeping shortly… Don’t want to miss a second of this peaceful place. See this orange warm Italian morning light? After 4 AM morning meditation. Still reflecting on feelings from the heart this early morning… and it reminds me of Andrea Bocelli. In a past life I used to travel with assistants all the way to this Orange Light to portray Andrea for his CD album. And on a sunny day you will see this light twice a day for 5 minutes!  Sunset … dawn … With the crew we kept on waiting for hours, of course in the evening … so this orange light would radiate around Andrea’s profile, and be reflected in his black Armani shoes for a peaceful 5 minutes. We always made jokes about the Italian culture. Italians want to look pretty and have pasta.. With the first polaroid he always asked: ‘how do I look?’ So every time I said ‘very handsome!’ Then he would say ‘Aha… one more shot and then we’re going to have lunch again…’  And now I’m back in this beautiful orange landscape, reflecting Compassion and Inner Peace … In this quest for human angels I need to be Sweet for myself first. My favorite yogi Sr Manda left yesterday after inspiring lectures. I decided to stay some days more, reflecting… She said ‘Good! be a lot in Silence Sarah! You need this! So today I will be Silently looking for human angels around here.. Silently taking pictures.. Did I already mention the horses at this garden of Eden? :-))) So Silently riding the horses..