Continuing… Flying squad

Remember these hero police men who just rescued a woman who laid on the train track? One of the ambassadors from this project mentioned: when people have a job and are paid by the state… how can they be human angels? Good question. So what is angelic about a job paid by government? Is it just … work? Continue reading


Undercover Angels

These were my 3 personal undercovers last week at Casa Sangam. They learned me all about soul consciousness… compassion from the Heart … compassion for the Self … compassion Food! Purity! How to be an detached observer … egoless … softly … and now I have to detach from this garden of Peace!
You can read all the spiritual books/ magazines, and have dynamic conversations about saving the world, but experiencing compassion by a feeling from the Heart and Connecting, as Michelangelo shows us with his painting at the Sixtine Chapel, is quite a different story. It’s an individual process to your inner child, in silence, for days- weeks- months- years … I can tell now! Continue reading

Maffia Angel

Undercover angel Diana, tevens ambassadeur van de zoektocht, geeft de aanwijzing om m’n favoriete dichter op te zoeken… Keats. Een engel onder de grond dit keer….. Al wandelend over de prachtige begraafplaats stuit ik op Federico. Hij verteld het prachtige verhaal over de gangster Lucky Luciano.

‘Lucky Luciano was the last big gangster in the US. They tried to to schoot him twice 2 but he survived. He lived in the fourties in NY. They put him in prison and in 1946 he was set free, on the condition he would leave the US. So he went back to Napel. In prison he read a lot of poems: Shelley and Keats, which changed his life. When he left he gave all this beautiful poetry to the prison hoping some others would enjoy the poems as well. Gregory Corso was one of these prisoners. He was always drunk, lived a bad life, was put in prison.. but the poems of Keats and Shelley completely changed his life and he started to write poems himself. This poem on his grave tells about the spirit, setting free after death to another dimension.’