A Princess on a White Horse – New York Times

The New York Times Magazine published online the photos from Dutch cross gender children!



This new photo: A Princess on a White Horse was made last June.

The mother of the princess wrote a beautiful poem:

This is my child
 The fact that he feels like a she
 Doesn't change a thing about my child
 But it changes my perspective about male/female
 This is my daughter, she is actually a he
 We don't think it matters because she's the child I gave birth to
 And whom I will love till death and beyond
 It doesn't change her personality

Gender-fluid Children in New York Times

The New York Times magazine published this week a cover story:

Whats Wrong With A Boy Who Wears A Dress? A new approach to parenting gender-fluid children.

Photo above – Butterfly Tableau Part II – is a sequel from photo book INSIDE OUT / Portraits from Cross-gender children 2003-2010.

These are Dutch transgender boys and girls. We made this photo a month ago. What we see is the other way around. The girls are born as boys, and the boys are born as girls.┬áThese Dutch kids and their parents are the Gender-fluid pioneers. They want to be out in the open because they’re happy with their approach. And they want to inspire all other families all over the world.

According tho other countries, Dutch society is very compassionate with transgender people. The first doctor who was in the sixties involved with cross gender people was at Sundays a deacon in church. Because of his feelings of true Compassion he wanted to help.

Read the poem at earlier blog from a mother about her gender-fluid child. And have a look at ‘Transgender angels’.

The book and new photos will be seen on the New York Times website soon!