A yogi in Umbria

In Dutch we say: with your nose in the butter… What means… You’re so lucky! You’re at the right time at the right spot!¬†At 8 AM on Saturday morning I’m at the backseat of a car next to my favorite yogi Sr Manda. A chauffeur brings us to Gubbio and I have 3 hours to ask all questions about Compassion…. In private! I’m such a lucky bird! With a dictaphone between us to remember all this wisdom… I tell her it was my wish 3 months ago while planning this Searching for human angels to interview her … and planned travelling to Oxford where she lives… but here we are!
I tell her about the project and about my 4 heros of the Flying Squad… She answers ‘that was an Angelic Action’. Than she gives lots of definitions about personalities of angelic humans, angelic actions .. words .. behaviour .. energy .. vibrations … She continues ‘Compassion is always in Connection with others, it’s driven by a feeling from the Heart.
I tell her about my own search of compassion and how it started tree months ago. I was meditation and focussing on Compassion and the only thing what happened was feeling very angry…! ‘Super…’ she says.. ‘Thats good… before you enter this area of true Compassion in your inner self you will find barriers…. so keep on trying and focussing… on the opposite… inner peace.’ I’m such a lucky bird to have this private lecture … while this beautiful italian landscape of Umbria is passing by! And the retreat has not started yet…