His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama



A Day to remember! Meeting and shaking hands with a compassionate leader!

With A Super Dakini team on a mission:

The Education of The Heart will be a symposium with 120 school children and his holiness  in Rotterdam this Monday!His_Holiness_happy



This past year we have been working on a new exciting Compassion project.

And today with great pride we launch:


During our lives we turn to flowers at different times for strength and comfort.

They represent feelings from our heart in times of celebration. Flowers make visible the angelic frequenties.

Coming days we will be working with the ‘Education of the Heart’ Symposium in The Netherlands.

Our guest will be His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.



One of my favorite places, where sky meets mountains… heaven touches earth. All you can hear is the singing wind.
Last year, sitting meditating on this rock, I heard funny noises. Gently opened one eye and my heart jumped because two cute little baby bears were standing in front of me…! Baby bears have mama bears … I thought… jumped up, and ran! But I’m too skinny anyways, so these bears preferred blue berries and I survived easily.

As we now know, through quantum physics, material can be in more places at the same time. So when life is complicated at home I close my eyes and sit on this angelic rock in India.

Another wonderful interpretation of being in several places at the same time, does my hero spy 007! Can spies be compassionate? Sure! Spies can do angelic actions!
Bond reminds me of the brave children that I portrayed with cystic fibroses for a photo book.

These teenagers were grateful for every day, and lived their lives as little James Bonds! They lived their lives as if it was their last day, hanging in a wind balloon high above the earth… bungee-jumping… When the photo-book was finished I had a burnout and did what the kids did: counted blessings every day, went horse back-riding and skiing as fast as I could!
And now, when life is precious, I make fast-to-do lists, like seeing the newest Bond movie. It has the best opening-scene ever with breathtaking song from Adele:

This is the End .. hold your breath and count to ten 
feel the earth move and then.. hear my heart burst again

Bond dies and of course revives! What happens when you die? Quantum physics! You implode and implode and implode.. so maybe dying is like quantum physics, you shrink until you’re just a tiny point of light… and are in all places at once..

One of my fast-to-do’s now is to go back to this magical rock, where the Sky Falls, with my personal 007. Still looking around and want to find him… But he’s so clever, he will find me!

Where you go I go... what you see I see  
I know I'll never be without the security  
Are your loving arms keeping me from harm
Put your hand in my hand and we'll stand

He will have no problem with those bears!

A Princess on a White Horse – New York Times

The New York Times Magazine published online the photos from Dutch cross gender children!



This new photo: A Princess on a White Horse was made last June.

The mother of the princess wrote a beautiful poem:

This is my child
 The fact that he feels like a she
 Doesn't change a thing about my child
 But it changes my perspective about male/female
 This is my daughter, she is actually a he
 We don't think it matters because she's the child I gave birth to
 And whom I will love till death and beyond
 It doesn't change her personality

Gender-fluid Children in New York Times

The New York Times magazine published this week a cover story:

Whats Wrong With A Boy Who Wears A Dress? A new approach to parenting gender-fluid children.

Photo above – Butterfly Tableau Part II – is a sequel from photo book INSIDE OUT / Portraits from Cross-gender children 2003-2010.

These are Dutch transgender boys and girls. We made this photo a month ago. What we see is the other way around. The girls are born as boys, and the boys are born as girls. These Dutch kids and their parents are the Gender-fluid pioneers. They want to be out in the open because they’re happy with their approach. And they want to inspire all other families all over the world.

According tho other countries, Dutch society is very compassionate with transgender people. The first doctor who was in the sixties involved with cross gender people was at Sundays a deacon in church. Because of his feelings of true Compassion he wanted to help.

Read the poem at earlier blog from a mother about her gender-fluid child. And have a look at ‘Transgender angels’.

The book and new photos will be seen on the New York Times website soon!

Transgender Angels II

This Sunday we had a reunion! Two years ago we made a photo for the book INSIDE OUT/ portraits from cross-gender children, in a butterfly garden with seven young kids. These young Dutch gender pioneers are between 7-13 years. Now we made Butterfly Tableau part II. The Dutch children and their parents looked very much forward to make this photo because we all know it’s so important to tell families all around the world the positive story about gender identities. International media tells mostly about suffering and struggle because journalism is about being critical.

As an artist, I think every story you tell with your photos has to give benefit to this world. It’s all about compassion and your cooperation with the people in your stories. Whats their story, and what do they want to tell the world? One of the parents wrote this beautiful poem straight from the heart:

This is my child
The fact that he feels like a she
Doesn’t change a thing about my child
But it changes my perspective about male/female
This is my daughter, she is actually a he
We don’t think it matters because she’s the child I gave birth to
And whom I will love till death and beyond
It doesn’t change her personality

The Making of… Princess on White Horse

This morning we had a wonderful photoshoot! The sequel of our transgender angels: eight year old Taran as a princess on a white horse.
Yesterday we had storm and heavy showers. But this morning the sun was shining with big white angelic clouds in a bleu sky. Angel horse Felipe was put in the bathtube yesterday, never been this white!
Angels are for free, so did angelic shoppings… what means… borrowing expensive dresses, shoes and jewelry… In a clothesshop for children I found beautiful Royal silver boots: 300 Euro… When I explained the owner the reason of the photo and showed him the book and famous cover of the Volkskrant newspaper some years ago, he said ‘This is very important! I will give these boots for free for this photo!’

We already have two proposels for publishing this photo. But we’re looking for the best première ever for this masterpiece. Thats why we can’t show this wonderful picture. When we ask Taran she says,‘for me it’s not a big deal, but it’s important many people will see this photo!’

Transgender Angels

These are Dutch transgender boys and girls. What we see is the other way around. The girls are born as boys, and the boys are born as girls. They’re happy children because in the Netherlands we have a very positive approach and support system towards transgender kids. Because of that, there is a great deal of acceptance by families, doctors and society, more than anywhere else in the world.

This photo was taken in a butterfly garden. The little boy on the front wears a huge living butterfly as a broche. This group posed for the important photo book we made about Dutch transgender children INSIDE OUT | Portraits from Cross-gender Children. From off 2003, eleven kids posed every year to have their transformation documented. This was the very first time in the world transgender children and their families allowed themselves to be exposed to the outside world, because they didn’t want to play hide and seek any more.

I love to work with these children, because for me they’re all angels. By showing themselves in honest un-photoshoped photos, they support other transgender kids and their families. For gender-spectrum children all over the world these angels are the pioneers. And they’re very much aware of it. They want other gender-spectrum kids also to be happy!

Now we are continuing our mission. In this butterfly garden we will make a sequel… two years later. And tomorrow I will make a solo portrait from Taran, who is in pink on the front, now eight years old. Taran is now called she and we’re going to take her picture as a princess on a white horse! We’ll keep you posted!

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Super Bird!

Compassion leads me again to this magical Sophia’s children’s hospital in The Netherlands where we made this photo ten years ago! The photo-book was made in cooperation with all these brave children.

I asked the children in the hospital: How would you like the world to see you? With compassion!

This 11 years old boy Onur was hit by a cab and paralyzed the way Superman angel Christopher Reeve was. Onur couldn’t speak anymore but communicated by blinking with his eyes when nurses pointed to letters on a board. So his life changed from a football-playing boy to this different world of hospitals and rehabilitation. His and Reeves doctors were sharing information about their injury. Onur wanted to be in the photo with his angelic bird called Boncuk! Of course birds are not allowed on intensive care units, but the friendship they shared made Onurs world Happy and this compassionate story touched the hearts of lots of people!

angelic dolphins

Here we are with dolphin Skinny. The girl is from a children’s hospital and wanted to experience swimming with a dolphin. When she wrote a letter to the foundation Do A Wish, they said she wasn’t ill enough yet… But with cystic fibrose you’re always kind of lucky when you feel good. When we called dolphin trainer Joyce, she said please come! For swimming it was to cold but we caught this moment of a brave kiss.

Skinny has a famous cousin in the US, dolphin Winter. She survived a critical injure and has a prosthetic tail now! She plays with children who have prosthetics as well. And swims with soldiers who came back injured from war.

They made a Hollywood movie about Winter. Have a look at this inspiring story:

And have a look at Bosnian girl Maya who came back from war and her meeting with Winter: