The Making of… Princess on White Horse

This morning we had a wonderful photoshoot! The sequel of our transgender angels: eight year old Taran as a princess on a white horse.
Yesterday we had storm and heavy showers. But this morning the sun was shining with big white angelic clouds in a bleu sky. Angel horse Felipe was put in the bathtube yesterday, never been this white!
Angels are for free, so did angelic shoppings… what means… borrowing expensive dresses, shoes and jewelry… In a clothesshop for children I found beautiful Royal silver boots: 300 Euro… When I explained the owner the reason of the photo and showed him the book and famous cover of the Volkskrant newspaper some years ago, he said ‘This is very important! I will give these boots for free for this photo!’

We already have two proposels for publishing this photo. But we’re looking for the best première ever for this masterpiece. Thats why we can’t show this wonderful picture. When we ask Taran she says,‘for me it’s not a big deal, but it’s important many people will see this photo!’


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