Monique & Angel horse Felipe

Ten years ago I worked on a photo book about a children’s hospital. Monique was a very brave 11 years old girl who just had her leg amputated. She was a very good gymnastic so she wanted to be photographed on the bridge. Flying as an angel … Now I work for the Dutch cancer institute KWF and had the idea to portray her and some kids again. On a misty cold early morning we took this picture with Monique now 20 years, with angel horse Felipe.

Monique: ‘I’m doing very well. I will go this summer to Africa,  helping with volunteers to build up new schools in little villages.’    | see KRACHT June 2012, Ten Years Later


Angel Horse Felipe

This quest is about Human Angels and Compassion. But animals can be angels as well! Angelic qualities are about Pure feelings from the heart and Pure vibrations. And this little white horse has a natural way of showing his Compassion to this boy with Angelman syndrome. There are no false human emotions between them.

They both can’t talk but have their own way of communication, by the unspoken language on a vibration of Silence. So as Pure as can be …!

You can ask yourself in this picture… who is the angel? The boy, the horse, or the hand on the right?

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