Angel Horse Felipe

This quest is about Human Angels and Compassion. But animals can be angels as well! Angelic qualities are about Pure feelings from the heart and Pure vibrations. And this little white horse has a natural way of showing his Compassion to this boy with Angelman syndrome. There are no false human emotions between them.

They both can’t talk but have their own way of communication, by the unspoken language on a vibration of Silence. So as Pure as can be …!

You can ask yourself in this picture… who is the angel? The boy, the horse, or the hand on the right?

Some years ago my step-father Kees and I promised ourselves to go horseriding together. He was very ill, and this trip on the horse together was a dream we shared. A week after he died I had to make a picture for a newspaper of disabled children riding the horse. On a little farm just outside Amsterdam. This white pony stood on the courtyard, with a blind boy. There was a kind of angelic light around him (probably because his white color was shining so bright!) and ten minutes later he was mine. Love at first sight! Of course I was sure my stepfather put this horse on the right time on the right spot for me in his angelic way, because he knew horseriding made me feel very happy! And because he wanted to show me I was still his princess, now on a white horse! This boy is his son, Rein, so my little step-brother.


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