Garden of Peace

The spiritual retreat takes place at a special place in the country side of Gubbio… and we have arrived in heaven. Nature is overwhelming … animals … people … food … everything is in deep peace, not explainable in words. This house Casa Sangam (means Conference house) is run by 4 yogi’s from all over the world. It’s like coming home. Our group of 20 people is from all over Italy. After 24 hours mind and body has slowend down. The mind is imploding to peace… the body extremely tired because I didn’t have much sleep for two reasons.. first: day begins at 3.45 AM for early morning meditation … second: my roommate Patrizia snorks like a (sweet) bear… Difficult to understand a lovely peaceful creature like her can make this noise in her sleep. All I want is to lay down … between beautiful nature… feeling Alice in Wonderland.. lets practise some Self Compassion … feeling angelic vibrations in the air… zzzzzzzzz