Wings for Rio +20 …. Wind-energy!

Angelic vibrations have lead to the right people at the right spot…. again!
Coming home last week after this wonderful quest in Italy, I was called by the organization of a Dutch conference Rio +20 at 23th May.
The top of businesspeople in the Netherlands will have a meeting with international spiritual leaders. Together they will share insights about a better world and bring these Wings for Rio +20 to Brazil next month.

The conference is about Sustainability, Green Economy, Compassionate Leadership… and what can Business do? Good question! Everybody on a quest … meet your inner Peace and Purity … I would suggest… ?

Well, says Muriel, who organizes this conference … they’re all very busy … thats the point … they have to lead the companies and make sure they have enough work, they don’t have time for a quest … Oooohhhh… I said…. So maybe I can inspire a little on this conference with photos … okay, this is fun and lets make myself useful!

Some years ago… during the first Rio conference… after graduating art academy, I was going to make this world a better place. Pretty arrogant, just like all young artists! Had many discussions about the pollution with my stepfather Kees (who was very socially involved and read 3 newspapers a day) and what could I do myself. So I made 8 large monumental portraits with well known actors about Nature and Human. Because it’s mankind himself who makes this pollution. We’re all responsible, me too. This project got a lot of attention and the city of Amsterdam put these artworks, on the famous MuseumSquare between the van Gogh and Stedelijk Museum as a Public art exhibition.

Now, twenty years later its still the same discussion! So these Icons are up to date again! Will show you some. This is called Wind-energy! With actress Renee Soutendijk. There was no photoshop in those days, so the wings are real swan wings … wind and clouds were made by a huge machine we borrowed from the KLM. Wind goes very fast … in the air … so we watched Top Gun for inspirations… called Tom Cruise if he would join but he was busy with … Mission Impossible.


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