Compassionate Leadership IV

Where to go now on this quest for human angels? Might NOT be a good idea to follow a hungry compassionate leader.. He might have some hidden agendas … Always keep following your own intuition.


The Quest for Human Angels, starting out in Rome

What makes someone an angel? And why? I wonder.

Both in my work as a photographer and my personal life I have always been fascinated by angels. Years ago I introduced the ‘undercover angel network’ among some of my closest friends. A kind of LinkedIn only connected by unconditional friendships.

One of these undercovers came up with the mystical story of the 36 Righteous. Another one suggested going on a quest to search for them around the world. An idea was born. Hence the continuous disasters and financial crises, this world is in desperate need for compassionate inspiration!

What exactly is compassion and how does it connect to angels? And can angels also be human?

I have decided to start my quest in Rome, city of angels. In the Sistine Chapel to be precise. In the ceiling fresco Adam and God reach out to each other. This evokes a strong sense of longing… For me as a photographer here starts the ‘twilight world’ of the invisible angels.

Inspired by Michelangelo I go on a quest through the streets of Rome. Via the bakery and the bus driver, I search for living human angels. Who is, according to the Romans, the incarnation of compassion in their daily life? Because human angels are all around us. They make the difference in this world: we can touch them and feel them.

During the following months I will continue my quest on various continents. During this search for the 36 Righteous of this earth I will keep a blog together with my ambassadors. Who are these Righteous and how will we find them?