One of my favorite places, where sky meets mountains… heaven touches earth. All you can hear is the singing wind.
Last year, sitting meditating on this rock, I heard funny noises. Gently opened one eye and my heart jumped because two cute little baby bears were standing in front of me…! Baby bears have mama bears … I thought… jumped up, and ran! But I’m too skinny anyways, so these bears preferred blue berries and I survived easily.

As we now know, through quantum physics, material can be in more places at the same time. So when life is complicated at home I close my eyes and sit on this angelic rock in India.

Another wonderful interpretation of being in several places at the same time, does my hero spy 007! Can spies be compassionate? Sure! Spies can do angelic actions!
Bond reminds me of the brave children that I portrayed with cystic fibroses for a photo book.

These teenagers were grateful for every day, and lived their lives as little James Bonds! They lived their lives as if it was their last day, hanging in a wind balloon high above the earth… bungee-jumping… When the photo-book was finished I had a burnout and did what the kids did: counted blessings every day, went horse back-riding and skiing as fast as I could!
And now, when life is precious, I make fast-to-do lists, like seeing the newest Bond movie. It has the best opening-scene ever with breathtaking song from Adele:

This is the End .. hold your breath and count to ten 
feel the earth move and then.. hear my heart burst again

Bond dies and of course revives! What happens when you die? Quantum physics! You implode and implode and implode.. so maybe dying is like quantum physics, you shrink until you’re just a tiny point of light… and are in all places at once..

One of my fast-to-do’s now is to go back to this magical rock, where the Sky Falls, with my personal 007. Still looking around and want to find him… But he’s so clever, he will find me!

Where you go I go... what you see I see  
I know I'll never be without the security  
Are your loving arms keeping me from harm
Put your hand in my hand and we'll stand

He will have no problem with those bears!