Super Bird!

Compassion leads me again to this magical Sophia’s children’s hospital in The Netherlands where we made this photo ten years ago! The photo-book was made in cooperation with all these brave children.

I asked the children in the hospital: How would you like the world to see you? With compassion!

This 11 years old boy Onur was hit by a cab and paralyzed the way Superman angel Christopher Reeve was. Onur couldn’t speak anymore but communicated by blinking with his eyes when nurses pointed to letters on a board. So his life changed from a football-playing boy to this different world of hospitals and rehabilitation. His and Reeves doctors were sharing information about their injury. Onur wanted to be in the photo with his angelic bird called Boncuk! Of course birds are not allowed on intensive care units, but the friendship they shared made Onurs world Happy and this compassionate story touched the hearts of lots of people!