Rock&Roll Angels

A while ago I took this photo from Gino Vanelli at a concert stage called Paradiso in Amsterdam.
He was traveling between Portland, US and The Netherlands a lot that summer and we had taken pictures for his new album: A Good Thing
Sharing interests of arts, we went to the movies and to the museum. On a Saturday we went cycling and made huge amounts of pasta.

Taking pictures at one of the concerts, all of a sudden this huge angelic shape appeared behind him.

I thought… is this the Paradiso (stage) light … or a Light from Paradise?

Next day while showing him this picture he told me, at that moment, at home, one his most beloved was having heart surgery, and he was thinking of this person while singing this song.

Wednesday 6th June Gino will be singing in Verona, Italy with the American West Coast band, so let’s go see Rock&Roll Angels!!!


Monique & Angel horse Felipe

Ten years ago I worked on a photo book about a children’s hospital. Monique was a very brave 11 years old girl who just had her leg amputated. She was a very good gymnastic so she wanted to be photographed on the bridge. Flying as an angel … Now I work for the Dutch cancer institute KWF and had the idea to portray her and some kids again. On a misty cold early morning we took this picture with Monique now 20 years, with angel horse Felipe.

Monique: ‘I’m doing very well. I will go this summer to Africa,  helping with volunteers to build up new schools in little villages.’    | see KRACHT June 2012, Ten Years Later

Angel Horse Felipe

This quest is about Human Angels and Compassion. But animals can be angels as well! Angelic qualities are about Pure feelings from the heart and Pure vibrations. And this little white horse has a natural way of showing his Compassion to this boy with Angelman syndrome. There are no false human emotions between them.

They both can’t talk but have their own way of communication, by the unspoken language on a vibration of Silence. So as Pure as can be …!

You can ask yourself in this picture… who is the angel? The boy, the horse, or the hand on the right?

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Wings for Rio +20 … Sustainability Proof

The sustainabiliy kids are asking questions to the spiritual leaders:
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, The Netherlands
Revd. Dr. Thabo Makgoba,Archbishop of Cape Town
Honorable Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi, Bhutan,
Sr Jayanti, United Kingdom,
Dadi Janki, India

How sustainable are you yourself?… asks Amina.

Spiritual leader Dadi Janki ( 96 years old) answers:

 My life is very easy … no window-shopping … only one dress … white .. no restaurants and no cinema … no powder on the face … very easy living!

Maori Angel from New Zealand

Very early this morning I had breakfast with Maori Elder Pauline who came all the way from New Zealand to The Hague for the Rio +20 conference as a spiritual Elder. Its a great privilage to meet and photograph her for this project. She’s a true Maori Angel with great wisdom.

‘An angel is a concept that has many forms and variations. That water out there is so angelic! Just like the sunlight behind me.. That to me is an angel.

My son who past away a few years ago, I see him as a Bright Star. Those who past away are angels looking over our shoulders.
Children with disabilities will see angels from a totally different perspective as we see it. Because they can describe an angel from how they feel. Even when they have a disability with talking. ‘Because my angel loves me’. But it’s not love in the sense as we adults see love.
We are afraid of using the word compassion because it seems we might be feeling a bit weaker.’

While she’s sharing her thoughts … lightspots from the water are reflecting behind her … in her hair and against the wall … water & light … dancing … angelic vibrations!

Wings for Rio +20 … Hope and Faith

When the conference starts, the Sustainability Kids ask their questions to the Spiritual Leaders. Very simple and straight feelings from the heart:

What’s happening with this world? Why are people afraid of the future? How do you practice sustainability yourself?

160 business leaders have a dynamique dialogue about these questions, while we’re taking photos.

On the left Mees, Abdel, Suzanne and Amina, 12 years old.
In the middle: Dadi Janki: head of Brahma Kumaris India.
Lyonpo Dorji Wangdi: minister of Human Resourses, Royal Government of Bhutan. Sister Jayanti, European director Brahma Kumaris.
Reverend Dr. Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town.
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, president of the institute for Human Values.

The kids share their dreams en hope for the future with the elder. The spiritual leaders give their wisdom and faith to youth by passing on the Eagle feather.

This world is Spiritual Bankrupt!

The evening before the big conference there is an intimite gathering in the Peace Palace from The Hague. Spiritual leaders from all over the world flew in. One of them is the spiritual leader Dadi Janki from India, 96 years.  Everbody, including business people and politicians, are moved by her simple way of explaining. Next day on the big conference: 7 spiritual leaders, 4 sustainability kids, and 160 business people… Dadi Janki says:

This world is spiritual bankrupt! … Dial zero – one!

Next to her is an empty seat. With a floating point of light.

Wings for Rio +20 … Sustainability Kids

During this conference, well known business people and international spiritual leaders will meet and share. But the biggest role this day will be for these four kids: Mees, Abdel, Suzanne and Amina! Because kids have pure hearts they will ask the most honest questions this day. No hidden agendas. Today we met at their sustainability-school

We’re protective of each other. Sustainability= behavior! We learn to be calm and peaceful.

We have vegetable gardens! Our light is almost all daylight and we might get the Daylight award! With sustainability you’re helping the animals, health, nature and environment… Suzanne, in the middle, has already a sharp question for the spiritual leaders:

Can you tell us what’s going on in this world?

Wings for Rio +20 …. Wind-energy!

Angelic vibrations have lead to the right people at the right spot…. again!
Coming home last week after this wonderful quest in Italy, I was called by the organization of a Dutch conference Rio +20 at 23th May.
The top of businesspeople in the Netherlands will have a meeting with international spiritual leaders. Together they will share insights about a better world and bring these Wings for Rio +20 to Brazil next month.

The conference is about Sustainability, Green Economy, Compassionate Leadership… and what can Business do? Good question! Everybody on a quest … meet your inner Peace and Purity … I would suggest… ?

Well, says Muriel, who organizes this conference … they’re all very busy … thats the point … they have to lead the companies and make sure they have enough work, they don’t have time for a quest … Oooohhhh… I said…. So maybe I can inspire a little on this conference with photos … okay, this is fun and lets make myself useful! Continue reading