Sarah Julia Wong

Sarah Wong studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Visual Art and Design. Her photographs express her search to capture the soul. In her work she is drawn to idealistic and delicate subjects that demand a very positive approach. After art school, she wrote several film scripts about the relationship between humanity and the world we live in. This led in 1995 to the Environmental Boulevard, a series of 8 giant portraits. In cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, she presented the billboards 3x3x meter as an outdoor exhibition on Museumplein beside the Van Gogh Museum. The exhibition made her the focus of international attention.

She portrayed the singers Andrea Bocelli and Gino Vanelli for their CD covers. And for the ABN AMRO bank she photographed an annual report in cooperation with a children’s circus.

Her first book, entitled Sophia’s Children was published in 2003. In cooperation with this children’s hospital in Rotterdam, she spent three years portraying the children’s strength while they look so vulnerable.

The children posed proudly for her camera and boldly showed off their tubes and plasters. The exhibition Sophia’s Children was put on show at the Naarden International Photo Festival.

In the Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant, Sarah published a striking series of portraits in 2003 of cross-gender children. These children were born as boys and felt like girls, or vice versa. This was the very first publication about cross gender children, and evoked many positive reactions in Holland and abroad, because so little is acknowledged about these children internationally. The portraits were published to make people aware and to inform them about this vulnerable group. The photo book Genderkinderen/ Portraits of Cross-gender Children was published in January 2011. The foreword was written by professor Dick Swaab, famous doctor and professor of neurobiology. For this Photobook, Sarah followed 11 children for seven years as they looked for their new identity, together with journalist Ellen de Visser. At this moment Sarah is working on a documentary about these children as a follow up. And she is giving lectures in the United States at the University of Ann Arbor and Grand Valley about the photobook Inside Out: portraits of Cross-gender Children.

A new world wide project about Human Compassion will be launched very soon.


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