Flying squad Peace officer

So on a sunny morning in Rome I have a coffee with the police officer Alberto and he tells:

… ‘I like to make people’s life’s better. And try to forget the bad things I have seen in my job. My work is good when its useful for people. When we arrive in a place where people disagree, screaming to each other, we try to talk to them. Its our job to calm people. And it is a physical law, at every action there is a reaction. What you give to people, the energy comes back to you. There are many situations we arrive and we reach the heart and mind of people. When a father and son fight and disagree, it makes me smile when we leave, they are friends again.

Many people aren’t happy these days. I think everything is inside you already, since you are born, you have to open the box and take what you are looking for.

In this world we need rules, but there are exceptions, too. As a policeman you try to enforce the rules with using human sense. Under these police uniforms there are only men and women just like all others with their lives, their minds, their hearts, their bones, their… Souls. I think the biggest exception can only be you: trying to be the exception you want others to be, maybe the right life’s key. I think there are many others doing the same as me, and maybe better than me! Policeman or not.. I can only try to do my best.

‘I like to light up the minds of people, so they stay in peace with themselves. But I don’t know if I do …’

Gosh… can’t stop thinking… this Alberto must be the reincarnation of a Tibetan monk! Without cappuccino and italian setting, he looks like a buddhist and talks like the Dalai Lama.. humble.. peaceful.. and very much alive! A policeman with angelic qualities! An Italian Peace officer?

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