The 36 Righteous

Before coming to the interview with the Roman policeman, I will explain more about why and when someone could be a human angel for this photo book. One of my personal under-covers mentioned the mystical story about the 36 Righteous. It says…

At all times there are 36 special people in the world, and if even one of them was missing, this world would come to an end. Their role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind. These holy people are hidden, nobody knows who they are. Their identities are unknown. And they don’t know it themselves. They lead a humble life and take care of fellow human beings. The 36 Righteous are simply too humble to believe they’re one of these 36.

Leaving home the 20th of April, starting this quest in Rome, city of Angels … I thought what kind of people have angelic qualities? And three species of ‘winged goodness’ came in my mind. Professionals: nurses, fireman… Spiritual Leaders: Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela… And the Unknown: Undercover angels.

So I prefer to photograph, interview and film, the unknown winged humans .. undercover .. humble .. who dont know they have these angelic qualities within.                   Unconditional, subservient, peaceful, silent, pure, powerful, fast, light … just by nature!

2 thoughts on “The 36 Righteous

  1. Sarah, I don’t know if anyone has told you by now, but that is a Jewish legend from the Talmud of the “lamedvav” (36 in Hebrew), the 36 Just Men without whom the world could not continue to exist. If one dies, then God must send another one to be born or the world would cease to exist. They can be anybody, any person, including a beggar, and they don’t know themselves that they are one of the lamedvav. Nor do they have to be Jews, because the Talmud says, “The righteous of all nations [meaning all faiths] will have a place in the world to come [meaning in Heaven].”


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