Continuing… Flying squad

Remember these hero police men who just rescued a woman who laid on the train track? One of the ambassadors from this project mentioned: when people have a job and are paid by the state… how can they be human angels? Good question. So what is angelic about a job paid by government? Is it just … work?

Lets check it out …. So had a pitstop in Rome again yesterday, because I really wanted to know. We’re not talking about esoteric angels but the living people who make this world a better place. We might not become the new Mandela’s, Sister Theresa’s, Dalai Lama’s… but we all have angelic qualities and it’s about seeing these in people around you. We should ask ourselves… how can I make this world a better place as an individual? What are my angelic qualities? And of course.. it’s not up to you to say.. I’m an angel. It’s up to others who say… this person has been an angel for me at the moment I needed it most. When I asked my favorite yogi Sr Manda about the Flying squad policeman, she said … this was an angelic action what they did, rescuing a woman from a train accident. So does an angelic action make you a human angel?

I ask the policeman on the left if he wants to tell more about his work. We have a cappuccino on a beautiful sunny morning in Rome and the policeman tells his story.

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