Undercover Angels

These were my 3 personal undercovers last week at Casa Sangam. They learned me all about soul consciousness… compassion from the Heart … compassion for the Self … compassion Food! Purity! How to be an detached observer … egoless … softly … and now I have to detach from this garden of Peace!
You can read all the spiritual books/ magazines, and have dynamic conversations about saving the world, but experiencing compassion by a feeling from the Heart and Connecting, as Michelangelo shows us with his painting at the Sixtine Chapel, is quite a different story. It’s an individual process to your inner child, in silence, for days- weeks- months- years … I can tell now!

After the early morning meditation (4.00-4.45…) we shared our experiences. I told them I really felt home last 9 days and loved having them as a spiritual family … They shared I was a very Sweet, Light person … telling funny horse whisper stories … flying in and out the casa …

One more night in Rome … and I will fly home with totally new view on compassion. Thanks undercovers from Casa Sangam! Will continue this quest for human angels with all wisdom you shared!

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