A Donkeys Heart

This quest for human angels will continue with fresh warm open happy heart!
See the pink rose! It’s exactly in the middle of the road when you enter Casa Sangam and says welcome in peace garden! When I came last week it was still a rosebud… and during my stay it opened slowly as my heart was opening for compassionate vibrations every day a little more.  An undercover angel from the homefront asked ‘did you cry a lot by opening your heart again?’ Eeeehhhh… to be honest…. no!  My heart was broken by the same person three times in one year. That makes me a donkey….  And after this spiritual retreat I’m for sure… we both were two donkeys. Sometimes you love someone so much and you don’t know why. And love is also a feeling from the heart! So next time.. I will be a donkey again … I’m afraid. But as Sr Manda said: if you’re angry.. just fill yourself with peace… so I think… when you are a donkey … keep filling yourself with hope and faith… And this is funny because very close to this farm, every day when I walk to the horses I see two donkeys. In my mind I called them Faith and Hope because they are so qute….They keep yelling to each other .. iiiiyaaaaaa!!! You want to know their real names??

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